Tatami Tilings at A Taste of Pi

Last week I gave an interactive presentation on tatami tilings to senior high school students. It was very well received, and a long-time attendee raved about it. I paraphase the keen student’s words, “I’ve been to almost every A Taste of Pi presentation, and I think this has been my favourite one so far. It was engaging, interactive, and challenging.”

The event was written-up on the Simon Fraser University math department’s news page. Here is an excerpt:

If you’re in high school, it’s not everyday that you have the chance to receive a lecture from a postdoctoral research associate.

But, for a group of extraordinary students, they had just such an opportunity, when Dr. Alejandro Erickson from the School of Engineering and Computing Sciences at Durham University gave a presentation on mathematical discovery at the Burnaby campus as part of the 24th edition of the A Taste of Pi speaker series.