In 2017 I started developing software and doing industrial research for a late-stage startup that makes software for power utilities. Let me tell you about my job at Copperleaf and give you a few reasons to apply here.


Power utilities manage enormous quantities of Assets, from pipes and power poles to turbine generators and nuclear reactors. Naturally, there are risks associated with the Assets as they age, and there are limited resources that can be used to maintain and replace them. Copperleaf’s main product, C55, is based on the ISO 55000 standard for asset management. It layers prescriptive analytics for prioritizing spend on top of a sophisticated application for managing a utility’s population of Assets and the Investments employed to maintain it.

We sign multi-million dollar deals with our customers, and our software transforms the way they make decisions.

Company culture, exciting growth, and technical challenges defined 2017 at Copperleaf.###

Here are a few quick facts about our amazing 2017:

  • Employee bonuses were paid at over 150% of target.
  • We grew by almost 100% in revenue.
  • We added 9 new companies to our list of customers.

Great Company Culture is the foundation underpinning excellence, camaraderie, and a sense of pride at Copperleaf. Our CEO, Judi Hess, has been a leader in this area since her days as President of CREO and she personally delivers our training session on Company Culture. It is a joy to work with these people.

Copperleaf is a late-stage startup with a fast-growing, stable customer base. I attribute our early success to the experience of a core group of former CREO employees but there are many forces working in our favour. We hire and retain great people and our customers on five different continents love and need our software.

Technical challenges and career opportunities are a critical part of employee retention, and there are lots of both at Copperleaf. My own roles have varied, from UI work in Angularjs to building a .NET-Oracle SQL rocket engine that drives a custom data-analysis tool for a new customer with 5 million Assets. I also work outside of the main product, organizing professional development days in Machine Learning, consulting internally in statistics, and researching prototypical decision analytics engines using Python and Pandas. The list of new things I learnt in the first year of my job is nearly a page long, and I think there is at least that much on the horizon for the next year.

We are about 50-80 developers, and a similar number of people in sales, marketing and customer support at our Vancouver office at the Broadway Tech Centre. It is a great time to join Copperleaf, so browse our careers page and get in touch with me if you want to apply. I get a fat referral bonus if you make it, so I’ll champion your application before HR and the team you apply to.

Copperleaf Careers page