That's right!  Hexastix Puzzle Kits are now available on ebay Canada.  Click here to order one!

I have pasted the listing below.

Hexastix Puzzle Kits

are based on a beautiful piece called "72 Pencils", by Mathematical Sculptor, George Hart.

Alejandro with hexastix smileEach kits is guaranteed to contain 148 brightly coloured 3 inch long sticks, 37 of each colour, and 8 elastic bands for construction.  Instructions and video are at .  There are enough sticks to fill in the middle of the hexastix (see instructions for details).  Colour requests are matched approximately (specify up to 4 colours).

The sticks are all hand cut from bamboo skewers and coloured with RIT dye by Alejandro Erickson, in Victoria, BC.  Please inquire about custom cut and coloured sticks.

Order by December 16 in Canada to get your Hexastix Puzzle Kit by Christmas.  Orders ship by standard letter mail, so the pictured item is repackaged to fit.

You can "finish" your hexastix with white glue and acrylic medium, to remove the elastics, and give it that shiny look.  Below-right is a larger one I did, and below-left is built from the kit, but without filling the middle sticks in.