I'm pleased to announce that GeoBurst has provided materials to the local girl guide chapter, for the girls to make tensegrities.  They will be on sale Saturday, November 19, at their Fall Tea and craft faire.

Girl Guide Tensegrities Fall Tea

The craft fair/bake sale are free to get in to, and the tea costs $5 for tea/coffee, sandwiches and goodies, served by girl guides, brownies, and sparks.  Advance tickets are on sale between 11:30 and 12:30, or before each tea seating  at 2:00, 2:40, and 3:20.  It's at St. Mary’s Church Hall, 1701 Elgin Road (off Oak Bay Ave.).

I would have been happy to teach them myself had it not been for one of their leaders (and a friend of mine) Jennifer Woodcock.  From her email:

The girls LOVED them and are all keen to buy their own ornaments.

Instead of selling them ready-made ones, however, I will have another chance to provide them with more materials and more fun!  Thank you Jenni and Girl Guides :)

Don't wait, and seize this opportunity to contact me for materials and/or workshops to build your own tensegrity ornaments.