I have been practicing a brazilian martial art, called capoeira, fairly regularly for about 1 year.  I have been with two groups, Axé Capoeira and Grupo Cativeiro Capoeira, both in Victoria BC, and previously I trained a few months with Ache Brasil, in Vancouver.  Each group has its merits, and I have the first belt from Axé and now also from Cativeiro.

Our group, associated with Cativeiro, is very grass roots and intimate, with classes in Victoria and Duncan, BC.  Our graduation ceremony (called Batizado and Troca de Corda), was held in Duncan this past weekend.  My ceremonial fight was with invited Professor Formiga (which means Ant).  The take down he uses on me is called a tesoro (spelling?), and yes, the landing was a bit rough.  It is a common tradition that you are taken down by a professor or higher when you receive a belt.  At the end I was asked to name a capoeira god mother, and as you can see I was quite surprised by this.  I pointed at the nearest and fairest lady in the crowd (thanks!).

Capoeira is a combination of martial arts, dance, and brazilian folk music.  There is an uplifting energy that is felt when one plays capoeira, especially when you can put a few moves together.  I recommend it to anyone who is serious about doing regular exercise and rising to challenges.

Prof Formiga says "I sharpen my feet," at the start of the fight, and I avoid his take downs a few times before he gets me.