In my sculpting endeavours I have needed many coloured sticks of all shapes and sizes.

Alejandro with grand-hexastix

It was immediately apparent that I would need to

  • source skewers in bulk,
  • cut them quickly without fraying them,
  • and colour them cheaply.

The useful answer to the first item, is that skewers are available in bulk from “box and paper” companies.  Next item please.

One of the best tools I have ever purchased is a stack paper cutter from All Image Printing.  I got the little 12 inch one for $140, delivered.  I see the price has risen considerably.  Cutting skewers is just one thing I have done with this.

Stack Paper Cutter

Lastly, I use RIT Dye to colour them.  The colours are beautifully strong, and the process is quite simple.

Coloured and cut Skewers, 3 inches in length

Here is a picture of part of my latest project; colouring 15,000 sticks, each 3 inches in length.  This project is for a bulk order, where I will facilitate several more Hexastix activities, like the one I did at Math Camp, at the University of Victoria, in Summer 2011.