I have completed a project that I conceived at CanaDam, the Canadian Discrete Math Conference at the University of Victoria.  After getting the geometry wrong once, and making several smaller prototypes, I have finally made one as large as possible, given the dimensions of the laser cutter at the MakerSpace in Victoria, BC.

The sculpture is made of clear acrylic and skewers that have been coloured with Rit Dye.  The pedestal is a boxed set of Knuth's, "The Art of Computer Programming", volumes 1-3, third edition.

I hope to suspend it and project its shadow onto a screen.  More photos will follow in the coming weeks.

When I am finished, the Hexastix in an Octahedron will go to auction, and part of the proceeds will go to Oxfam

Special thanks to George Hart for his 72 Pencils, and to Matt DeVos, who showed me how to make my own in Winter 2010.