Recently I caught the geometric bug from Matt DeVos, when he showed an open faced icosahedron made of sticks and elastic bands.  Since then most of my free time has has been occupied by attempts to improve the icosahedron (the model of it, rather).  What began with a little model made of toothpicks and elastic bands, has evolved into hundreds of dollars in materials and tools, a special tool for making the icosahedron (and other shapes), and several sculptures.

The sculpture in this video, which is a bird feeder at the time of this writing, is three shapes in one.  The inner two are an icosahedron, which I built first, and a dodecahedron, which I attached to the edges of the icosahedron for support.  They are permanently fastened together, their inside is painted silver, and their respective outsides are painted red and black.  The outer icosahedron was built later, and then opened up to insert the dual pair.

I'm not sure what is going on with the optical illusion, but everyone I have shown the video to has trouble seeing that the outer and inner parts are often spinning in opposite directions, even when I'm in the shot moving them with my hands.

Enjoy the video.  Your comments and encouragements compel me to build more, and larger ones.