Tutorial video below!


The Emperor needs you to prepare an auspicious floor for his tea ceremony, but the Ikea instructions only give the row and column projections of the tiling!  You must race the clock to reconstruct it before the Emperor has your head!

A tatami mat is a 1x1 or a 2x1 tile, used for traditional Japanese floorings.  In certain applications, it is "unlucky" to have four mats meeting at one point.

The game was conceived during a conversation with Martín Matamala Martín Matamala, a mathematician from Universidad de Chile.  It is related to my PhD thesis work on the Tatami condition.  More details will be published in the upcoming journal version of "Auspicious tatami arrangements" by Frank Ruskey, Mark Schurch, Jennifer Woodock and myself.  A preprint should appear soon at http://arxiv.org/.

The in-game music is by Safary on ccmixter.org and the background photo is by 663highland on Wikipedia.


Here is an instructional video with wicked awesome Whaledub music from SNESS.  The music can be found at soundcloud.com - search for sness.



I appreciate your input and feedback in the comments.  Please link to the game through my site so I can measure the traffic before working on a commercial version.  If you are interested in doing the artwork for the commercial version, please contact me at alejandro.erickson@gmail.com