My dad, Ken Erickson, travels frequently to South and Central America to explore small towns and other places mostly untouched by tourists.  He brought me an ocelot skillfully and ornately carved out of a nut and painted from his 2008-2009 trip to Panama.  I was so impressed by the thing that I made an craft project out of it with my mom, Ester Tejeda.  I used a plastic box which contained candles, adding some rocks and dried grasses using white glue.  The rocks are loose inside the box, so I used a calligraphy pen to make a little sign to warn people that might pick it up.  The tiny wizard sitting on the rock is from Chile made from a eucalyptus nut.  Lastly, I suspect that at least one of the rocks was acquired abroad but I don’t remember now (one of them is volcanic, for example).


That's an ocelot closer