Nemo Feet

Rachel Peters is an artist, performer and animator and filmmaker.  Raised by bumblebees in an old abandoned mineshaft, Jack Rachel learned all of her trades as a court jester to the Queen Bee.  Now and then the Queen would get tired of a jester (or a couple) and have them "repurposed" (Yes, now I'm just making this up).  Initially repulsed by the procedure, Rachel eventually became fascinated by the way a few old, unwanted bees could be be transformed into brand new hilariously transformed into very entertaining Frankenstein bees!

After years of incubation (of the idea), Rachel has applied this idea to vintage toys and made these works of art available at Etsy and some new designs on her website.  These little (must they always be little?) critters are one-of-a-kind and up for adoption by any queen bee with about 25-100 bucks.

Warning:  Franken Toys may contain traces of barbies, Bugs, care bears, dinosaurs, Disney, embroidery, Etsy, Franken Toys, kittens, Looney Toons, monkeys, monsters, Mr. Potato Head, plush, puppies, second hand toys, Tigger, Winnie the Pooh.